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MRKT 3311 – Coca-Cola’s 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

What seemingly a inspiring and patriotic commercial, turned controversial by the people on twitter.

The tradition of organization spending tone of resource in developing an epic commercial for the Super Bowl was once again present during the first weekend of February. Super Bowl has always been a big televised event ever since its creation; it was no exception in 2014 the Super Bowl scored a 111.5 million viewers.

Out of all the creative commercials, Coca-Cola stirred up unintended reaction from the viewers when their commercial was aired during the Super Bowl.

The message of Coca-Cola’s commercial was suppose to celebrate the diversity within the United State, by singing the song “America Is Beautiful” in multiple different languages.

Watch the commercial here:

Unfortunately, there are group of individuals that took offense to the commercial because they believe an “American song” should only be sang in English and no other language. These people took their anger online; leaving hateful comment on Coca-Cola’s commercial video on YouTube and voting down the video. Another platform that was invaded by the hate was Twitter, these people started the hashtage #boycottcoke in order to share their thoughts and some even direct the comment directly towards Coca-Cola’s official Twitter account.

However, in spite of all of the negative attention there are still people that defend the message that Coco-Cola was trying bring across in their commercial. These people believe in the diversity is a good thing and it should not be look down upon. Many even pointed out the song was written by Kathairne Lee Bates; a lesbian who spoke out for peace and social justice in United State.

Does it really a big deal to have a country’s song sang in a different language? Or rather the message of the action stand for something more than just a song.

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