MRKT 3311 – Twitter Testing Layout Design

Back in February 2014, Mashable featured a blog post on Twitter’s design test. Twitter was considering changing their standard layout to something complete different than their traditional style. Many people commented on the new layout being too similar to Faceboook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram. The new design moved away from the typical vertical layout that showed tweets by how recent it was, and only focused on text messages; now the design has profile pictures on the top left of the profile, while focusing on showing more pictures. As you can see below the new twitter profile has completely changed.





It would come to a surprised many people in the industry wasn’t shocked up by this news, Twitter was known to test their ideas in a small group of randomly chosen people similar to the split A/B testing. Also, these are just tests that Twitter were trying; until it becomes solidified by Twitter actually launching the new design most industry exporters brush it off like its nothing special.

As a consumer, I personal don’t use any of the popular social medias. I’ve never found an interest in Twitter, I’ve only used Twitter for school and work; even with limited experience with Twitter I believe the text based vertical stream is what gives Twitter its charm and how it separated itself from the other competition.  With that being said, it is hard to see Twitter making any major changes because normally people are not prompt about changes especially when it involves relearning how to use something that was already intimidating for non tech savvy individuals. This design test will remain as it is “a test”; until any solid evidence that Twitter is rolling with it, the new design will remain locked away from the masses.




2 responses to “MRKT 3311 – Twitter Testing Layout Design”

  1. katiejesica says :

    I think no matter what when people hear about changes being made to a social media site they frequently use they are not going to like it. This is because i general people do not like change.
    another example is Facebook, Facebook seems to be always changing these days and every time is happens people complain, but eventually get used to it.
    2011 is when all the ads started to come into the Facebook news feed which people were not over enthused about but accepted it because they were not over powering yet. (Eastwood, 2014)
    since 2012 when Facebook became a publicly traded company changed to the way users see Facebook when they log in has been changing more and more, and has helped lead to the decline in users. More specifically young users because there are other social media sites they can use that are more consistent and newer.such as snap chat (Constine, 2014)
    I used to be one of those people that hated all the Facebook changed but now that I am used to it all I think is ‘here we go again’, and i think the same would happen with Twitter, people might not be impressed at first but they will come around. The question is when does it become to much that it drives people away?

  2. jessekopan says :

    Hey Jack,

    I noticed these new, redesigned profiles a few times now, and I thought exactly the same thing as others, “is this Facebook?”
    I believe the design change looks too much like Facebook’s. That being said, I do like the new look actually. It will take a bit of getting used to, as with any change, but I have a feeling this will be a change for the better.

    One thing I would like to see Twitter do is have “tutorials” to some extent. This could include basic things like “how to use Twitter” and go over the basic features and tools of Twitter, to specific tutorials such as “making the most out of hashtags”.

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