MRKT 3311 – Facepalm Indeed

Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors

When you pay someone big bucks to be your spokesperson in hopes of bringing more attention to your product, but end up question why did you even bother? Well, Samsung knows exactly what this feels like. On March 12th 2014, Samsung’s spokespersons, NBA start, LeBron James tweeted out his frustration to his 12 million followers “My phone just erased everything it had in it and rebooted. One of the sickest feeling I’ve ever had in my life!”

lebron fail

Minute later, LeBron James removed the tweet acknowledging his mistake and later made a new tweet saying he had recovered this lost information.

good try lebron

LeBron James isn’t the only celebrity spokesperson that made such mistakes; Britney Spears has done it earlier and much more known. Back in 2001, when Britney Spears was on top of her game was endorsed by Pepsi in a multi-million deal. Several months after signing the contract with Pepsi, Ms Spears was photographed with a can of Coca Cola in her hand instead of Pepsi. Her addictions to Coca Cola lead to a second offence later in the same year and in 2003 Pepsi decided to drop celebrity endorsers.

Big brand has always been known to have celebrity endorsement; for better or worse, celebrities bring attention to these products. However, when this spokesperson does something that contradicts the purpose of endorsement leading the company not knowing whether to laugh or to cry; how should the organization respond to such behavior? They cannot simply terminate the contract because they will be losing out in the money that they have already paid to the spokesperson; nor can they blame the celebrity for doing such a horrible job. I guess the only thing business can do is to put out the fire and help ease the situation.


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