MRKT 3311 – Being A Dude Is Sexist

Veet, a feminine product company has recently removed their advertisement due to controversy. The campaign tagline “Don’t risk dudeness” and their new television commercial has offended many female audiences as well as males. Their 30 second commercial featured a couple lying asleep in bed; when the clean shaved guy wakes up shocked finding himself lying next to a hairy guy with a woman’s voice. This commercial implies that if women do not shave they will end up looking like a hairy dude.

What seemed like a harmless and funny idea became something that hunted Veet instead. This ad was posted on Monday April 7th, but was removed from Veet’s YouTube channel and website on Wednesday April 9th. The ad generated so much negativity on social media that the Veet marketing team posted an apology on their Facebook account.

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“Hi… this is the Veet marketing team in the U.S. We just wanted to let everyone know, we get it – we’re women too. The idea came from women who told us that at the first hint of stubble, they felt like ‘dudes.’ It was really simple and funny, we thought. To be honest, the 3 of us could really relate to these real-life moments and they made us laugh. Not everyone appreciated our sense of humour. We know that women define femininity in different ways. Veet helps those who choose to stay smooth. Our intention was never, ever, to offend anyone, so we decided to rethink our campaign and remove those clips. Thank you for letting us know how you feel.”

Veet isn’t the only one that have made such mistake, on my first blog I’ve covered Coca Cola’s super bowl commercial. Coca Cola’s ad was supposed to emphasize the diversity within the American society and to embrace each culture as a part of the country. Instead, Americans were outraged with the commercial because Coca Cola used different language to sing one of the national songs. Even something as positive as promoting diversity in society generates controversy; it is very hard to predict how audience will react, marketers can only be so careful.


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One response to “MRKT 3311 – Being A Dude Is Sexist”

  1. kenfeng says :

    Marketer’s definitely have to be super careful of all the negative buzz that each campaign may encounter. I thought the commercial was quite funny and light, but I guess I can see why females will get offended. I think the best way to avoid all these negativity is to avoid using sexist and racist humor to create commercials. This way it will offend less people and reduce the negativity.

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