MRKT 3311 – Facebook News Feed Update

Who thinks that their Facebook news feed isn’t overloaded with updates? Facebook sure doesn’t! On February 24, Facebook has announced a change to their news feed’s algorithm. With the updated to the algorithm, businesses are able to reach more audience on Facebook than ever before. Now, company that tags another business on their Facebook page will have the potential to show up on the other business’s wall or even their fan’s wall. Confusing? Let me explain further with an example. If a company such as Bleacher Report tags an athletes such as Dwight Howard in their post, this post might show up on Howards’s wall and even people that follow Howard’s Facebook page.


What make this relevant to the business world? Potentially, company that tags other relevant business in their own Facebook post has the access to another group of untapped audience. Which means collaborating with another organization can prove beneficial for both parties. However, there are short comings for such an update; having the chance of gaining access to another business’s audience may cause some unethical behavior. It is possible for companies to utilize the new algorithm for black-hat social media optimization strategies. Due to the fact that tagging others on your own post might make the post show up on the fan’s wall from the other company, unethical business professionals can spam their own wall just to reach another group of audience.

Search Engine Optimization for web SEO Black Hat

Obviously, the new algorithm wouldn’t show every single post that mention another page; even with limitations and restrictions such as being popular with a lot of comment or likes business are still able to work around it. One way for business to bypass such limitations is to purchase likes and comment from places such as By inflating the likes and comment on spam post it gives these company the chance to be featured and potentially hurting the businesses that are being tagged in these post. Followers and fans from another company might find it annoying having their wall spammed by a business that they don’t even know or like. It would be hard to find a balance for such update to work, but only time will tell.


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One response to “MRKT 3311 – Facebook News Feed Update”

  1. digicrusader says :

    I didn’t know what black hat SEO was until your presentation in class. And then of course read about it in Google’s Guide to SEO. What a poor online practice for a business! I don’t know why would believe this is an easy way to create an online presence. Anyone who truly understands marketing online will see that they are trying to manipulate their audience. I think it’s good that Google is aware of this and tries to remove potential offenders from their search results!

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