MRKT3311 – Anarchy or Riot!


I’m pretty sure most of the millennials generation know what Pokemon are and has played the game on their GameBoy back in the 90s. But, have any of us ever though this Pokemon game for the original GameBoy would make a comeback 10 years after? Let me enlighten you all with Twitch Plays Pokemon Red.

pokemon red

Pokemon Red is a Nintendo GameBoy game released back in 1998, the game is a single player role playing game and it is fundamentally simple to play.  The idea for Twitch Plays Pokemon was started on February 12, an Australian programmer put up this idea as a social experiment to see how people would react and if a group of people could effectively play a single player video game through crowdsourcing command. This “social experiment” requires the Twitch audience to input different command through the stream chat, these commands determines what the main character does in the game. It is a simple enough concept, but when you put in the factor that more than 50 thousand people are inputting command at the same time to control the same character it becomes much more complicated.

For anyone that doesn’t know what Twitch is, it is a streaming service mainly for video games. It was created in 2011 by co-founder and Twitch CEO Emmett Shear; he saw the amount of people streaming video game on Twitch was made to cater to these gamers with unique tools and features.


I myself view Twitch stream regularly, I came across the TwitchPlayPokemonRed channel when it started. I’ve witness chaos that is Twitch play Pokemon; I’ve spend good 20 min watch the live stream. The main character Red often walked back and forth in the same spot for god knows how long due to the sheer amount of command being inputted at the same time. Also, people would troll the stream by spamming the “start” into the chat; the “start” command brings up the menu in the game and pausing the progression. After seeing how slow the game is progressing, it felt that every step the character took forward he would take three step backwards.TwitchPlaysPokemon

I thought there is no way this game will ever be finished. However, after 390 hours the community has finished the game! The programmer saw the hinder in progression made by trolls, so the introduction of “democracy” and “anarchy” mode was introduced; where in democracy mode the input will be voted and the robot will take 75% of the most common input and anarchy is the original mode where every input is executed.

anarchy vs democracy

This so called “social experiment” brought gamer and non-gamers alike under the same roof, coming together trying to finish a game as one. It shows what the future may hold for the gaming industry and how Twitch is involving the gaming experience. After the success of TwitchPlaysPokemonRed, it later introduced the next version of the Pokémon game as well as other genre of games.

For anyone that is interested in participating in TwitchPlaysPokemon here is the link to the channel:Twitch Plays Pokemon


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