MRKT3311 – Smallest Change Makes The Biggest Impact!

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Have any of you noticed a difference on Google’s search result layout while surfing the internet on your personal computer? Google has announced they have done some tweaking to their design for PC users. Google’s new design removed underlines, increases the font size and changed the way ads are labeled in the search results. The change to desktop seems to be a broader effort in Google experimenting with redesigning the look of their website since last fall, when it first began introducing similar changes to the search result for the mobile users.

The most noticeable change is that Google AdWords targeted ads are identified; in the new look Google has removed the pink shading that appeared behind ads that separated the ads from the organic results. Now, AdWords ads are shown with yellow box labeled “ad”. This similar layout has been introduced to the mobile users back in September of 2013 when Google announced they were changing the look and feel of ads and search results on mobile devices.

According to Google’s lead search designer, John Wiley; the new design was made so that users have an easier time scrolling through all the results and present a cleaner look. Furthermore, John Wiley said, with the new makeover “Improves consistency in design across platforms makes it easier for people to use Google Search across devices and it makes it easier for us to develop and ship improvement across the board”.

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure haven’t notice a difference when I’ve been surfing around on the internet during the past month. These changes are so minor it is hard to notice without being told something has been changed. However, minor changes such as this might make a big impact in customer experience on an unconscious level. It is similar to the way Google AdWord marketer have to constantly change their wording hoping to improve the click through rate because even a change of one word can mean a vast improvement of the results.


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One response to “MRKT3311 – Smallest Change Makes The Biggest Impact!”

  1. digicrusader says :

    I found this post interesting as I had just read Dorothy’s on how people are opposed to change on their favourite social media platforms. It seems as though Google did this the right way. Maybe a best practice is to make very small changes over time so that users aren’t overwhelmed with a whole redesign. People will always be anti-change, I think this is a smart way to improve a website without upsetting your users.

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