MRTK – Breakfast Calls? Yes Please!


The latest and greatest from Taco Bell in their marketing campaign was a feature phone; this innovated idea was launched in March 2014. Taco Bell sends out 1,000 feature phones Samsung T404G to their fans and social influencers. The idea behind the feature phone was to promote their new breakfast menu. Each phone owner would receive “secret” missions where they have to complete within certain amount of time to enter a chance to win a prize; these prizes include Waffle Taco button-down shirt or hoodie, a set of A.M. Crunchwrap sheets with hashbrown pajamas and free Taco Bell breakfast for a year.

tacobell phone

The “secret” missions were simple enough; the challenge ranges from tweeting back at the company or Instagram a photo with Taco Bell tags.

tacobell phone 2mission

This kind of marketing has never been done before, as time goes on marketing tactics has to become more engaging and interesting. The ultimate goal for marketing campaign in the future is to become viral, where people are constantly talking about it on social media platform and sharing it with their friends and family. Of course, there are different reasons for becoming viral; company should avoid negatively generated attention such as bad customer experience, poor quality products, and cretic reviews. Some of the best practices for becoming viral are innovativeness, creativity, and humor.


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